Money (Savings) Pools

One of the most important keys to organizing your financial life is to establish specific, money-saving priorities and goals.

Marygold & Co. Banking App Is Launching in 2021


What Is a Money Pool?

What if there were an easy way to establish individual savings goals with their own accounts and associated funding and investment structure?

What if these savings “Money Pools” were also directly aligned with the timing of your goals creating returns directly aligned with your goals? Just exactly what is a Money Pool?

Organized Savings

What is a Money Pool? It’s organized savings.

Launching soon, Marygold & Co. clients will be able to establish multiple interest-earning, FDIC insured* money pool savings accounts in an app that supports custom goals and funding options.

Coming in 2021, Marygold clients will also be able to establish securities-backed Money Pools comprised of Exchange Traded Funds for longer-term goals and higher return potential while viewing their full financial portfolio together in one secure place.

Separating your savings money from your spending money supports the financial discipline necessary to reach the goals you set for yourself. Marygold & Co. Money Pools also provide a complete and transparent view of your progress towards each goal.

Money Pool app

Money pool app on mobile

Prioritizing Goals

What is a Money Pool? It’s prioritizing goals.

Having multiple savings goals combined in a single savings account provides a false sense of security as well as a lack of prioritization. For instance, say you’re saving towards an emergency fund, a new house, a vacation, and new appliances in the next few years.

You may think you’re on track saving something each month, but how close are you really towards each goal, and which is most important to you? Clearly defining your goals, setting timelines, and tracking your progress independently helps provide a true view of your status.

More importantly, it helps you prioritize your goals and monitor them individually so you can modify them if necessary.


What is a Money Pool? It’s discipline.

Reaching savings goals takes discipline! Saving for a new phone, a new kayak or a wedding can seem daunting at the very least. Establishing individual goals gives you direct control over how you reach those goals.

Once you establish a Money Pool savings goal, you can also set up automatic deposit rules to support that goal taking one more thing off your plate.

Saving up for holiday gifts, a ski pass, or new clothes are as simple as setting up a new money pool with its own goal (e.g. Ski Pass $600 goal, 6-month timeline) and automatically shift funds from your direct deposit each month until you hit your goal.

Money pool savings account
what is a money pool


What is a Money Pool? It’s control.

Marygold & Co. lets you create customized individual accounts for your unique and personal goals all in one place marrying high tech with high touch solutions.

Instantly track your progress each time you log in and prioritize your financial goals. Easily set up direct deposit (get paid up to 2 days early!**) and automatically divide a portion of your pay into your interest-earning prioritized goals.

There are no fees or minimums for Marygold & Co. spending and savings accounts and you even have access to nationwide free ATMs plus the ability to pay anyone in the US to their mobile phone or email address.