I always thought work was just something you did to ensure you weren’t eating ramen noodles for the rest of your life.  ‘What do I love?’  ‘What am I meant to do in this world?’  ‘What am I passionate about?’  I wanted those answers – and I wanted them NOW!

– Nicole Burskey

The Calling

“Do what you love.”

“Find your place in the world.”

“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

These are all quotes that left me perplexed as I entered the workforce from college. With no clue what those answers were, I just went into a sales role out of college.  That sales role also happened to have an element of account management and that seemed to be the portion that I was drawn to – problem solving, relationships, unhappy customers flipped to happy customers.  Hey guys, I think I found my fit!

All of my subsequent jobs have been in that same vein of business. I like helping people.  Whenever possible, I like making their lives better and bringing a personal touch to make them feel special.

The Answer

Enter: Marygold & Co.  As I had my initial employment conversations about what we were looking to create, my excitement grew.  When speaking about customer service, I heard phrases like “customer-centric”, “community”, “personalized”, “priority”, “organize our clients’ lives, “resource in hard times”, etc. Not only that, but I was offered the opportunity to help build it from the ground up!  As a consumer, I’d had my fair share of poor customer service experiences and this was my chance to put some good out there in the customer service world.  Challenge accepted!

We are now in the process of building that vision.  I truly love what I do and feel that I found my place in this world.  I began this journey searching for answers to some of life’s questions, but sometimes, the answers find you.

We invite you to join our waitlist so we can show you what we’re creating!