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Early Direct Deposit

Direct deposit has gone from being a cutting-edge feature to the default for most workers and employers, and it’s no surprise why. It eliminates the hassle of cashing your check at the bank. Instead, your employer pays you electronically and…

How Much to Save Each Month

“I don’t have the money” is a common phrase we hear or say when there’s an option to purchase something that doesn’t necessarily align with our financial goals or budget. But is it because we are actually broke or are we trying to…
the future of online banking

Customized Security

The Appeal of Online Finance Simplifying your financial life on an app offers unique opportunities that a physical branch can not match.  At any time, any day, any device, and anywhere in the world, you can access your account balances,…
putting money aside each month

How to Put Money Aside Each Month

There are many reasons to save money. It’s not just because some wise philosopher said, “Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves”. It’s also not just because your parents advised you to “save for a rainy…
direct deposit

How Does Early Direct Deposit Work?

Life and surprise expenses don’t always align with payday. It is important to be proactive in order to protect yourself (and your bank account) from unforeseen circumstances. Marygold & Co. banking services enable you to get your direct…
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The Future of Mobile Banking

Gone are the days of having to rush to the bank after work to deposit your check or get cash. Cell phones do it all nowadays, including saving you time from having to go to the bank! The future of mobile banking is here, but even that technology…