Security Features

There’s nothing better than knowing your money is safe. Take control of your account security with Marygold & Co.

Marygold & Co. Banking & Financial Services App Is Launching in 2021


Turn Banking Card On & Off

Whether you are going on vacation or simply don’t plan on using your card over the weekend with the Marygold & Co banking and financial services app you can simply toggle your card on or off whenever you want. Not sure if you lost your banking card or if it’s just misplaced somewhere in your home? There’s nothing worse than canceling a card and having to get a new one with new numbers that are tied to a variety of your recurring expenses. Especially if you thought the card was lost, but it turns out it was just hiding under your sofa cushions. With our app, you can easily just disable your card from your phone to ensure there’s no theft while you determine what’s going on.

Banking App Security On Off

Limit Card Use Based on Location

Our digital banking solution allows users to customize exactly where their card is authorized for use. Not only can you restrict international transactions or enable/disable online purchases, but you can also choose where physical transactions can occur. Let’s say you have no intention of leaving your home town for the next few months. If you are a Marygold & Co user you can simply restrict physical transactions on your card to where you live. This will ensure you will never receive any fraudulent charges in places that are not authorized.

EMV Chip

All Marygold & Co cards utilize an EMV chip and are enabled for contactless tap-to-pay transactions. You can now rest easy because your card is designed to prevent fraud and simplify transactions for encrypted, contactless payment options.

EMV Chip Security Banking