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How to Avoid Identity Theft

You’ve worked hard for the things you have under your name – it’s more than a sinking feeling to find out that someone has stolen your belongings, finances, and identity. It can be a real pain to try and sort it all out once it happens.…
featured early direct deposit

Early Direct Deposit

Direct deposit has gone from being a cutting-edge feature to the default for most workers and employers, and it’s no surprise why. It eliminates the hassle of cashing your check at the bank. Instead, your employer pays you electronically and…

How Much to Save Each Month

“I don’t have the money” is a common phrase we hear or say when there’s an option to purchase something that doesn’t necessarily align with our financial goals or budget. But is it because we are actually broke or are we trying to…
achieve your financial goals

How to Achieve Your Financial Goals

Being financially secure is more prevalent than ever, but it still remains a challenge to many people. Let's discuss how to achieve your financial goals – and actually stick to it this time. After a long and arduous 2020, more and more…
financial spring cleaning

Financial Spring Cleaning

Spring is the season for cleaning and that shouldn’t just end at home. Your finances should go through a little spring cleaning themselves. Having an organized financial life can help you better understand the flow of your money. Tracking…
reversion to the mean

Reversion to the Mean

A basic thesis on Wall Street is that what has worked well in the last market cycle is likely to underperform in a new cycle, and conversely, the underperformers of the last cycle can or should be the outperformers of the new cycle. The basic…
how to keep money

How to Keep Money

“How did you go bankrupt? Bill asked. “Two ways”, Mike said. “Gradually and then suddenly.” - E. Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises (1926) Once we make some money, how do we keep it? There are many articles written about how to make…
investing vs speculating

Investing vs Speculating

“We engage in the folly of short-term speculation and eschew the wisdom of long-term investing.  We ignore the real diamonds of simplicity, seeking instead the illusory rhinestones of complexity.” - John C. Bogle, Enough: True Measures…
contactless payment

Is Contactless Payment Safe?

Thanks to COVID-19, most of us really don’t want to hand our card to someone or touch a potentially contaminated PIN pad on a POS device.   Questions about passing germs and touching common surfaces have boiled to the top of our everyday…