Contactless Payments

Marygold & Co. believes that payments should be easy and secure. New technology is now allowing users to pay in more convenient ways.

Marygold & Co. Banking & Financial Services App Is Launching in 2021


Near Field Communications (NFC)

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology that enables secure contactless payments from your debit/credit card, wireless phone, watch, key fob, bracelet, or anything else for that matter, that holds the embedded integrated circuit chip and antenna allowing purchases to be made by simply holding near an enabled POS terminal.

Cards (and devices) that are enabled with NFC typically display an icon with frequency wave-like lines, similar to the WiFi icon, but sideways.

near field communications
contactless payments credit card chip

Authenticated Payments With EMV Chip

The technology of authenticated payments means it’s more difficult to hack your information. All transactions and data are encrypted and constantly changing to make contactless payments the most secure way of payment. 

As well as NFC contactless payment ability, every Marygold & Co. Mastercard debit card is issued with an EMV chip.  Additionally, Marygold & Co. clients can add their card to Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay wallets.  Android users will even have the ability to manage mobile phone payments with additional security features directly from their Marygold & Co. app.

No Signature or PIN Required

No signature or PIN is required for contactless payments making it extremely fast and convenient. Lower limits are generally set for purchase amounts (e.g. $100 max).

New technology is allowing users to set their own limits, freeze/unfreeze their NFC chip, or even set up geographical fences via their associated app.

Imagine taking your waterproof NFC-silicone bracelet or key fob to the beach and using it to purchase food, surfboard rental, and a cabana – all without worrying about your wallet, card, or phone!

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