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Financial Spring Cleaning

Spring is the season for cleaning and that shouldn’t just end at home. Your finances should go through a little spring cleaning themselves. Having an organized financial life can help you better understand the flow of your money. Tracking your income, how you spend it, and how much of it you save can give you […]

Reversion to the Mean

A basic thesis on Wall Street is that what has worked well in the last market cycle is likely to underperform in a new cycle, and conversely, the underperformers of the last cycle can or should be the outperformers of the new cycle. The basic logic is intuitive – an asset class that had been […]

Investing vs Speculating

“We engage in the folly of short-term speculation and eschew the wisdom of long-term investing.  We ignore the real diamonds of simplicity, seeking instead the illusory rhinestones of complexity.” – John C. Bogle, Enough: True Measures of Money, Business and Life The idea of investing to achieve our goals CAN BE very straightforward. Focus on […]

Is Contactless Payment Safe?

Thanks to COVID-19, most of us really don’t want to hand our card to someone or touch a potentially contaminated PIN pad on a POS device.   Questions about passing germs and touching common surfaces have boiled to the top of our everyday thoughts. What if there was a way to pay without worrying about […]

NFC Payment

Have you ever seen that icon on your credit card with frequency wave-like lines, similar to the WiFi icon, but sideways? That means your card is enabled for NFC payment. But what exactly does that mean? What is NFC? Near Field Communication is a feature available on most modern phones. As the name suggests, NFC […]

What Does it Mean to be FDIC Insured?

If you’ve ever opened a savings or checking account at a banking institution, you’ve likely stumbled across the phrase “FDIC insured”, but what does that mean for you and your assets? What Does it Mean to be FDIC Insured? The term FDIC-insured means that your banking institution, whether brick-and-mortar or online, is insured by the […]